Life on Earth

Life on Earth.


Another Chance To Live

Art Avalanche

I’ve trodden on high grounds
I’ve tested the courage of knights
I’ve leapt out of strange bounds
I’ve dared the scare of the night

I’ve outlived a candid death
I’ve begun races I never finish
I’ve shorn the fleece of my ego on earth
watched the white of my passion dine with blemish

true, I’ve revered imperfection
still, I’ve scorned it
I’ve seen selfless affection
but in reprisal pieces and bits

I’ve sailed mighty oceans
I’ve seen the darkness in man afloat
I’ve served sin with divine motions
I’ve seen waterfalls bury a moat

in the belly of the gentry, I’ve burned
from the smile of the meek I’ve learned doubt
the bodies I share with my past I’ve scorned
just to understand what it is I’m about

I’ve journeyed across my conscience
I’ve told myself sincere lies
I’ve rid my mind of genuine nonsense
I’ve believed in the blue…

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