Two Poems by Saddiq Dzukogi

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Granny’s Face

After child birth
Stretch marks appear
As though the skin
Is a glass
Fallen face-flat on the floor
Barely in one piece

Even time
Draw lines
On skin
When we fall deep into age
Can’t you see the wrinkles
Carved as folds
On granny’s face

“Vertical Space Sun” © Dr. Regina Valluzzi

It’s all Perspective

A window that is half open
From a point
Is half closed from another
It’s all perspectives
A sea that lies before earth
Sees a sun dosing
Falling into its salt
But the one trickling
Crawling off a stone
Tastes like a moon
In a womb
On the curtainface
Dancing in the music
Of constellation
Consuming the pulse
Of watery lyrics
That dampens the throat of a thirst
It’s all perspectives
Sight goes out the window
To fetch meaning
Eyes come into the room
To see perspective
It’s all perspectives

Saddiq Dzukogi is…

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Another Chance To Live

Art Avalanche

I’ve trodden on high grounds
I’ve tested the courage of knights
I’ve leapt out of strange bounds
I’ve dared the scare of the night

I’ve outlived a candid death
I’ve begun races I never finish
I’ve shorn the fleece of my ego on earth
watched the white of my passion dine with blemish

true, I’ve revered imperfection
still, I’ve scorned it
I’ve seen selfless affection
but in reprisal pieces and bits

I’ve sailed mighty oceans
I’ve seen the darkness in man afloat
I’ve served sin with divine motions
I’ve seen waterfalls bury a moat

in the belly of the gentry, I’ve burned
from the smile of the meek I’ve learned doubt
the bodies I share with my past I’ve scorned
just to understand what it is I’m about

I’ve journeyed across my conscience
I’ve told myself sincere lies
I’ve rid my mind of genuine nonsense
I’ve believed in the blue…

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Set me free with your arms, drawn swiftly around me.
Hold me mightily so that I can feel you.
Fill me where I feel so empty.
Release me where I feel pressured.
Comfort this heartache with your love in me that only you can take away.
Speak so that I can be moved by you…
Breath so that I can live again….
I am dying between your silence…
I am burning beneath Gods hand…
Protect me in your prayer for me…
Kiss me to soothe this sting….
My belly is now a pit of you…
I need you…
Yet I am perfectly made perfect without need in you…
Who is right? Who is wrong?

Harmonizing lines of ink within the soul of me…